Why Tweetglide Matters – seriously


When Mike Filsaime first mentioned Tweetglide, I signed up to his notification list but I wasn’t really that interested in the concept. I thought it had a few flaws in the business model he was proposing, and there were already enough Adobe Air Twitter applications on the market.

Technorati Changes From An Expert Perspective


I am always in 2 minds to write anything about Technorati but ultimately the changes to the site today are extremely significant, and I had to balance that against my ability to offer suitable commentary.

What Is Quansite?


This is in many ways one of the most painful blog posts I could write, because it is about a service that is the closest anyone has come in 4 years to the “software as a service platform” I would like to create.

Tony Robbins Didn’t Know…


Earlier today I was watching a video for Jeff Walker newest product… yeah a new product, not just a relaunch of Product Launch Formula and I was struck by one small factoid within the first of many new (free) instructional videos.

Vimeo Is Not For Commercial Use

Which Vimeo is right for you

Despite the number of high profile blogs that seem to be allowed to bend the Vimeo terms of service, Vimeo make it reasonably clear multiple times on their website that they are not for commercial use.