Top 32 33 Forms of Linking Payola

Special Update: Google Edition

What motivates people to link to other people? Listed are some of the reasons people might have for linking to you, and I am sure, some of the reasons you might link to other people.

Could RevResponse & Tradepub Kill Your SERPs?

Links from tradepub

I can only vaguely rememember signing up for an account with RevResponse for a “tradepub” online trade publication store.

I can’t remember ever linking to it, but it might have happened – a quick search of my archives doesn’t reveal anything.

Keystroke Optimization For Google Instant

Long Tail - LongTail diagrams

Lots of rash statements get written by new media types after a press conference by Google, as an attempt to grab attention or to validate their business model by detrimenting that of others.
I am glad Matt Cutts, Marissa Mayer and many other Googlers have been fairly quick to defend the continued need for some kind of Search Engine Optimization, because ultimately a lot of what is SEO helps Google index content and find relevance.

Warning: WordPress Trademark Now Has Teeth

WordPress Registered Trademark - artistic representation

Close to 4 years ago trademark policy with WordPress was confusing.

Automattic registered the WordPress trademark and began sending out letters to domain owners who provided goods and services around the WordPress brand.
They actually started sending out these letters and emails before the trademark was even published for opposition.

Google Scribe SEO

Google Scribe SEO

No I am not talking about the WordPress plugin / service that gives you the keyword density of your blog posts and counts how many times you have used the same affiliate link in your blog posts every 250 words. Liz has a review of Scribe SEO that I agree with. I actually wrote one myself to post on SEOBullshit but pulled it, then I was going to post it here, then I decided if I can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
I don’t need to pay $30/month to be reminded to include keywords in my titles, but then I am not the intended audience.