ACTA? Dead Man Walking

Apparently 22 member states wasted a huge amount of resources signing the ACTA treaty.
If the current version had in some way been publicized previously they might have had a vague chance of it not causing a multinational revolt across Europe.

Tech Blogging Triple Rainbow


I just had to share this achievement by Mike Masnick as he might not see it himself.

The Techmeme page updates extrememly frequently pulling in stories algorithmically with some additional human curation but I have never seen one writer with a lead story and 2 additional reference posts without any additional “noise”, unless you count the larger child branch below. He has one post in that child branch as well.

Open Video To Google – Please Reinstate Chrome

Dear Google

Your recent decision to invoke a manual penalty on the download page for Google Chrome will have lasting ramifications for the whole of online marketing, whether display advertising, affiliate marketing, and other performance marketing such as CPA models, making many such business models unworkable.