Product Launch Formula Bonus

Over the last year whenever Product Launch Formula has been re-released I have promoted it as an affiliate for a number of very specific reasons.

  1. Strategic – My long-term plans revolve around providing very specific SAAS “Software As a Service” solutions to information marketers, and product launch tactics will be part of the mix
  2. Karma – Jeff is a great guy and provides incredible value with PLF – if I wasn’t an affiliate I would write about it anyway, and in fact before I was an affiliate I wrote about it.
  3. It works – in many ways it works too well, though I will be covering that aspect in some future articles
  4. I am not a charity – product launches convert like hell, and Jeff’s own launches possibly better than any other for my market

Here is a screenshot from inside my affiliate account for Product Launch Formula (with permission)

Product Launch Formula 12dollarspervisit

  • That isn’t $12 CPM
  • That isn’t $12 per person who opted in as a “lead”
  • It is $12 per person who I sent to watch a free highly educational video

In CPM figures it is $12000 CPM

In fact it is slightly more than that because I even rounded down…

What Jeff is selling is content – admittedly highly specific, educational content for business owners who want to increase their sales significantly.

The techniques in PLF however are not just for content producers, they can be used with hard goods, real estate, consultancy etc equally as well, and there are ways to use PLF even if you don’t own any products of your own as an affiliate.


The results I have previously achieved promoting PLF have been done without offering any bonuses whatsoever, actually slightly in contradiction to Jeff’s own teachings. In fact if I had offered a bonus previously that was significantly compelling, adding value to the transaction, it is highly likely I would have seen as much as 500% to 1000% better conversions, taking my commission per visit exponentially higher.

This time around however I am going to do things a little differently for a number of reasons.

  1. I love testing the difference in response
  2. I am a course owner, thus I can provide additional feedback
  3. I have decided to initially bootstrap my startup, thus could honestly use the additional cashflow

However above all, I believe I am now in a position to offer a bonus of incredible value to a few people, though I my initial thoughts are to limit this to just 10 people.

One Fatal Flaw of Product Launch Formula

I am highlighting just one, though there are a number I eventually hope to solve with my SAAS project.

The one I can’t solve immediately is crashing servers… I am close, but I need a lot more resources both human and infrastructure. Sure I can offer some advice on configuring clusters of dedicated servers to try to handle the extreme loads, but that isn’t scalable to 1000s of potential customers.

I also have solutions planned for list cannibilization and various forms of cross promotion and “partnership”, though that again is quite complex and resource intensive.

What I Can Offer Now?

If you looked closely at the source code of this page (for the geeks) you would notice that whilst this is quite a plain theme (just a raw framework page), that the page is using its own totally unique CSS file.

I can create as many different pages as I like, and they can each be themed totally differently, without ending up with massive CSS files.

Not only that, I have implemented a simple system for multivariate split testing using Google Website Optimizer. I tested every current “solution” and found them all bugged, or difficult to implement.

The code currently is very theme specific – the more universal the code is, the more server resources used, thus it has taken many hours of research and experimentation to get to the current implementation.

  • I will fully implement code on your WordPress installation so you can make split testing using GWO or any other package you own a matter of habit, not a rare exception. If that requires purchase of additional scripts for testing purposes, that is on my dime (within reason e.g. I have no plans to implement Infusionsoft this week, you would have to give me access where applicable)
  • No theme restriction – whilst I might regret this, I am not going to lock anyone into my preferred theme framework (Thematic), and will implement everything based upon your own preferred themes. If necessary I will purchase a license to a premium theme to make things above board on the licensing.
  • Access to lots of other geeky solutions as they become available (that are simple to implement) to increase things like opt-in rates, conversion, content delivery etc.
  • Ongoing support for your product launches

The ultimate aim is to provide a solid foundation for your product launches and to be a proving ground for a number of innovations that will have a significant influence on your bottom line.

I am going to be in need of some powerful testimonials before I finally launch, thus expect me to over-deliver with my first marketing product.

Ultimately Product Launch Formula is such a complete course, offering any kind of “information product” would result in information overload. The whole package is something like 20GB of video, audio and PDFs if you include all of the bonuses, and any additional material would simply destroy your focus.

Use this link to buy “Product Launch Formula

When you purchase, drop me an email via my contact form or tweet me @andybeard, and we will coordinate how we are going to start working together.

p.s. This isn’t access to my “team” – I will be directly involved in helping make your product launches a success
p.p.s I haven’t forgotten my “Players With Money” – expect full access as promised soon

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