Google Buzz Links Passing Reputation

I have a test currently in progress

Testing started 22nd February 2010

Here is a link to my Buzz SEO Test

The test subject was an unindexed page on my Vark profile, which at time of starting the test was totally unindexed though active.

Test for indexation of Andy Beard on Vark in Google

Update 24th February 2010

After ensuring the page on Google Buzz would be indexed using a prominent link on a blog post, the page was shown to be indexed both using a manual test searching for unique text, and with a Google alert.

Update 7th March 2010

The test has been running for 2 weeks, with no indexation of the post on Vark.

Google is known to index Vark content if they are encouraged to do so

Test for general Vark indexation

Links posted to Google Buzz are held in javascript at the bottom of the page, in a similar way to content after an “expand” link that I have other tests running on, and currently such text is not being indexed from my tests.

I have introduced a new factor, a link to a different Vark question and answer, but this time from within a comment.

I will also link from the Vark question to this page from within the comments to keep people informed.

Update May 9th

I don’t check this very often but I do have Google alerts running. Noticed today that “Andy Beard” no longer appears on Vark, they have gone back to the Andy B. format.

Here are a couple more long-tail search tests

I checked recent indexation of Vark and saw many question pages with a Google cache date in May 2010, so the few that have good links are being crawled.

Vark indexation is about the worst I have ever seen, it could only have been built by former Googlers now back in the fold.