Does Brute Force Article Marketing Still Work?


Article Submission theory is controversial, and many experts will not agree that my article marketing strategy is correct. This is a long post, it goes off in multiple tangents, but please bare with me because it is all relevant.
Short version: Brute Force Article Marketing… works
Long Version: Read on…

MyBlogLog – Social Networking Opportunity

I decided to write a second MyBlogLog post in a row, just to give a positive indication of how MyBloglog can and should be used.

I just received a contact request from Joe Beaulaurier of PRWeb. He had visited my blog, maybe liked what he read, and had also already joined my community. There is a fair chance he has also subscribed to my RSS feed.

Lifelong Customers From Sharing Your Knowledge

This is an article I wrote yesterday and in theory will be blasted out to loads of Article Directories from Article Marketer sometime tomorrow, possibly Friday.

It should be noted that I didn’t write this article to stick on a tax consultation site, but maybe it will be picked up by them.