How To Get Noticed?


ImpactKen McArthur has pulled out all the stops for the launch of his new book now selling on Barnes & Noble. That isn’t an affiliate link, I am not a B&N affiliate so I just pulled that link from Ken’s blog (one of many).

Sphinn – SEM Attention Wars

Sphinn Error

Having just come back from a week in Florida, striving to improve not only my own powers of concentration and focus, but how to grab and maintain the attention of readers and customers, for the last few days I have been thinking a little about Sphinn… some of those thoughts haven’t been pleasant, and to be perfectly honest, the good thoughts had very selfish motives.

The Acceleration 2 Seminar: Introduction & Disclosure

Acceleration 2 Seminar

Acceleration 2 SeminarMy father was a 40 year veteran at The Daily Telegraph, head proof reader for a number of those years until proof readers were phased out in favour of computer jockeys with spell checkers, though you would never guess that based upon my own spelling and frequent typing mistakes.

$25000 Prize Just For Creating Buzz

You simply must read this

There is a prize inside worth $25000 for the person who creates the most buzz about this new special report.

There are also 5 runners up prizes of $1000