Mirroring Results In The Fall

Listing at #7 on search for Andy Beard

Obviously despite some negative commentary, Google still is the fairest of them all, though not all results necessarily make sense.

Vanessa Fox came across something interesting in her vanity search today, and I thought I would add to the mystery and mystique of… the Google SERPs.

I Bet You Missed Some of These (March 07)

These are some highlights (in my opinion) of some of the content I have created over the last month. If I have missed anything out which you enjoyed or gained some value from, please let others know in the comments.

Destroy Your Blog Rankings Linking To Digg or Technorati?

How many blogs link to Technorati on every post they publish? Many blogs also use followable links to social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, and social news sites such as Digg on every single page of their site? Google in their recently disclosed patent are saying that it could be a negative indication of quality.