Think Write Retire

Just go to this link, buy the book, all proceeds go towards heart surgery for kids, which my friend Dr Mani has been running for years as a non-profit foundation.

(you can also get some ideas on how to launch a book and become a bestseller)

98 Remarkable Acts of Kindness

Bloggers Unite - Acts of Kindness

Bloggers Unite - Acts of KindnessMoving to a new house, not having an internet connection, or a telephone for that matter for 2 weeks really throws a spanner in the works, and it takes time to settle down.

Letting Other People Write The LinkBait

John Reese Disclosure

A lot of the things I write go completely over the head of many of my readers, and in some ways that is actually a concious decision which certainly costs me a much higher readership.

Charity Link Meme


WOSPCharity is important and charity organisations need some link love just like every other site on the net. What better than a charity link meme.
This also helps me highlight a charity I have supported for all the 14 years I have been over here in Poland, that has actually grown to be the largest charity in the country.