Typepad AntiSpam

Typepad Key

I have switched Spam Karma off… temporarily, to test Typepad’s new Antispam plugin

As is well known I am not a huge fan of collective intelligence as the sole arbiter of whether a comment is “spam or ham”, and long term I am most likely to switch back to Spam Karma, possibly using Typepad Antispam as an additional filter.

Google Groups Comment Spam

Google Groups Comment Spam

It crops up occasionally that people want to leave a comment with a reference to a Google webpage or a Google search result.

Unfortunately on a daily basis my server is hit with comment spam with links pointing to Google redirects, or Google subdomains.

Sam Casuncad – Unprofessional SEO?

SEM Pros

Honestly if you offer a service promoting professional SEO and SEM services, you don’t spam the comments of another blog in the SEO community trying to promote some WordPress themes of dubious quality.