iBegin Source Review

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iBegin Source is an interesting concept, and aims to make local business data both more accurate and cheaper than ever before.
I hesitated initially in accepting this paid review, because I wasn’t sure I was capable in giving it the level of in-depth coverage I normally give reviews, mainly because I have never really got involved with local search in the US – the Altantic Ocean is quite a large separator. iBegin Source do plan however to offer European data soon, so it might become more relevant for my own use.

Did I Link to a Dmoz Editor?

Unlike most SEO concious people, I didn’t submit this site to Dmoz. I just decided that if it was going to happen, it would happen. A while back I did apply to be a Dmoz editor for a very off the beaten track section (that was being heavily abused and where I could add a lot of value), but I gave up trying to get my application accepted.