WordPress Comment SEO Solutions

I am sure some of this post is going to blow people’s brains, though this is only the tip of the iceberg.

WordPress Comment Solutions

Shaun almost a month ago released a modified version of Lucia’s Linky Love that removes links from comments rather than nofollow them as a partial solution to Google’s changes to PageRank distribution in regards nofollow.

BlogRoll Circle Jerk? – If You Encourage Junk Comments That Is What You Get

Nice SEO Friendly link to Courtney

The quality of comments on a blog totally depend on the blog itself, the type of content you write, and the tools and method you decide to moderate content.

On Shoemoney, Pam takes a pop at the Ifollow Movement, the lists of links to dofollow blogs that traversed the Blogosphere 6 months ago.
Whilst I was included on some of those lists, I didn’t take an active roll, as the lists really didn’t present any value to me.

A Dofollow Plugin I Liken To A Subaru

I was going to liken this plugin to a Ferrari, because it is built to be fast, but it is probably more like a Subaru, not just fast but designed for rugged terrain and can handle the twists and turns of comment spammers without slowing down.

Paid Comments – They Can Be 100% Ethical

Whilst travelling I missed a blogstorm – “Buy Blog Comments” a controversial service that allows you to pay a fee to have someone promote your website writing comments.
This is probably going to be my most controversial post ever, and lots of people are going to think it is just linkbait, but I sincerely believe that paid comments can be ethical.