Now Namecheap Affiliates Can Rip Off Their Readers


namecheap_logoFor 4 years I have been an advocate of using Namecheap for domain registrations. They have had the occasional technical problem, but overall I am extremely satisfied with their service, their interface, and above all knowing they are not going to switch off a domain just because of a single spam complaint.

How To Avoid Being Banned By Technorati


Technorati don’t like their authority system being gamed. If they feel it is being gamed and made less relevant, whilst they might not totally remove your blog from their system, you might be removed from their Top100 list, and also their search results.

Polish Gmail vs Google Gmail – The Poets vs The Court Jester

Gmail ClownGoogle might well have goofed again with Gmail domain registrations. I live in Poland so this is quite comical for me, and thus the comical headline. The Polish court system isn’t quite as well organised as the US, but decisions are often made faster and a lot cheaper. What that means to Google is that they can’t throw a fit and expect a small group of poets to concede defeat, and that their size as a company might not give them any advantage (unless they know someone who can influence decisions).