MyBlogLog – Social Networking Opportunity

I decided to write a second MyBlogLog post in a row, just to give a positive indication of how MyBloglog can and should be used.

I just received a contact request from Joe Beaulaurier of PRWeb. He had visited my blog, maybe liked what he read, and had also already joined my community. There is a fair chance he has also subscribed to my RSS feed.

Feedburner Customization

I have just been doing a little rebranding of my Feedburner feeds, especially for their email services.

It was actually something I had overlooked when I first enabled email subscriptions. I had carefully looked at Feedblitz, and decided I didn’t like the way their email subscriptions looked by default, and at the same time, I didn’t really want to pay for all the customised options that would have made using their service worthwhile.

Insular vs Community

Darren Rouse yesterday had a very useful reader tip on insular blogging.

In his comments I outlined the planning I have for this blog, and I thought it best to include it here.

Email Punchbag?

I just unsubscribed from the list of someone I am a customer of. It is quite likely I will also unsubscribe from their membership soon as well.

They thoughfully provided a feedback form on the unsubscription page.

WordPress needs an Email system revamp

Here is a little something I just posted to the WordPress Hackers mailing list.

If you are using a badly coded plugin to subscribe to comments on a blog, take this as a very serious warning.

Google are killing the future of RSS

An RSS feed which you subscribe to is your personal subscription to a service, just like email.

A private subscription service for text, audio and video content, even involving a paid subscription fee has been possible for more than a year, based upon RSS.