UK Internet Marketing Castrated | SI (3429 of 2006)

I regret to inform you that this is serious news, and if you run your business from the UK, and have a website, this probably affects you.

It affects you even more, and places you at a serious competitive disadvantage, if you are involved with Niche or Internet Marketing, in topics you don’t want your competitors knowing about, especially if click-fraud attacks are a danger.

Headline Formatting In Blogs

H2 Headline on AndyBeard

When most people write content, they think about how that content looks in their WYSIWYG editor, and probably in their preview of page contents.
I am sure after publishing, they take a look at their published version of the content.

Feedburner Customization

I have just been doing a little rebranding of my Feedburner feeds, especially for their email services.

It was actually something I had overlooked when I first enabled email subscriptions. I had carefully looked at Feedblitz, and decided I didn’t like the way their email subscriptions looked by default, and at the same time, I didn’t really want to pay for all the customised options that would have made using their service worthwhile.