Opt-in Accelerator Warning – Security Risk – Read This First!

Opt-in Accelerator

Optin Accelerator is a massive security risk for your customers – rather than fix the security problems, the new version just adds fluff without addressing core issues.

Anyone can make a mistake, release a product without considering all the possible ramifications, but to release Opt-in Accelerator again without major changes is irresponsible.

Facebook In Polish – Renovated By Cowboys

Facebook Polish

For a number of months every time I log into Facebook (or at least it seemed that way) Facebook would add a call for help with translation into my news feed. I think most of my readers are aware that I live in Poland, though those details are not directly available to Facebook, unless they look at my phone number.

I’ve Been Robbed!!!

Human Pyramid

That low down scoundrel Andy Beal, you know the one? Yeah the one who goes around confusing people with an almost identical name.

Well anyway I realised a few minutes ago that he had somehow got hold of one of my articles before it was published, and left me with only part of it.

Techmeme Goes SEO

Techmeme SEO Story 1

In the past I have mentioned that often on Techmeme somehow search marketing blogs that cover Google news extensively weren’t gaining a huge share of the limelight as the “lead” for stories, even if they were first to break the news.

You Can’t Charge For Twitter Popularity

There are a number of fundamental flaws in many of the “calculations” being floated as a business model for Twitter.

I am just going to revert to bullets to make this easier to digest.