How a Blogroll Can Still Kill Your PageRank

blogroll example

Navigational elements on a blog or any website are an important feature, but you should be careful not to take things to extremes which can hurt the progress of your site, both from a SEO perspective and for website conversion.

Comments Policy How To

Ezine Articles are in the process of implementing a new comments policy for their blog, and the good part is that they are also removing nofollow from the comments.

I love Ezine Articles, and the blog is one I read “religiously”. Bloggers can learn an awful lot from Article Marketing, and in fact I recommend that all bloggers also use article marketing especially when they have a new blog with low readership.

7 Best Ways to Judge Blogging Success

These are in no particular order, though I am actually going to place the most obvious last.

  1. Are your most frequently clicked links for your subscriber buttons? – long-term subscribers are the lifeblood of any blog or website, and are immune to the whims of search engines