A Marketing Hodge-Podge Of Good Karma

With my continuing internet connection frustration, I have had to prioritise work-flow, thus my posting schedule has been reduced, and regrettably I am a lot less responsive to comments and email.

Gooruze Preview


GooruzeI have only just found out about Gooruze, it seems only the cool kids get to beta test anything these days ;) Actually I do get to peep at exciting new stuff once in a while, but this one slipped past me.

Business Growth Systems Review | Stop Working on Sundays

Are you sick of regurgitated lists full of tips from people who have never made any real money online?

Rich Schefren

My respect for Rich Schefren started with one of the smallest details possible, actually one I had the cheek to criticise John Reese about not too long ago. In fact I would say 95% of Internet Marketing guru blogs overlook this one small factor.

UK & Euro Laws Apply to US Businesses?

It is taken as fact that a UK online business has to comply with US FTC regulations if that UK company is doing business with the US.

Surely if you are a US company, doing business with the UK, you should have to comply with UK regulations.