I Totally Failed Rich Schefren But Kathy Sierra Returning

When one of your mentors gives you the opportunity to really help them, that is the time you should move mountains to achieve results.

Rich Schefren really wanted to get in contact with Kathy Sierra – he mentioned this privately to me on a call last November – I didn’t get any immediate results to enquiries I made with a few online friends, and December was a time of turmoil for me – moving house, no internet connection, no telephone.

Kathy – Just Linking To Something Meaningful

Sometimes you just link to something because you should, as a sign of condolence or just some level of connection of thoughts and this is such a time. Kathy Sierra’s post is distressing just reading it, I have no idea how distressed she is writing it. Hang in there.
I am not taking time off, but then I am not being threatened, but I think even like a blogging machine like Robert needs a break once in a while (without Twittering too)