Real WordPress PPC Landing Pages

I am still working on some stuff with dynamic tracking links, but if you are using WordPress for PPC you might also need to think about dynamic content.

I know there are a number of WordPress Themes and plugins that claim they are intended for use with PPC, but they are not going to solve dynamic keyword insertion, and that could have a massive effect on conversion rates & quality score.

Conversion Rate Optimization For Freebies

IM Remarkable Bonus - Howie Schwartz - Old Version

Today I have been making some significant changes to my free IM Remarkable Offer that I thought would be worth discussing, though the reason I am making the changes is based upon limited data.

SpeedPPC V3.0 Released


SpeedPPCAs we are having a bit of an affiliate marketing news week, I thought it would be good to mention that SpeedPPC v3.0 has just been announced, and for the next week it will be available at $100 discount.

SEO Consulting

I am not an SEO consultant, and whilst I am frequently emailed about whether I would be interested in doing some SEO consultancy, speciifically in relation to blogs, I generally turn it down.
This is actually a paid review, but lets look on it as “Paid Blog Tipping”.
Blog tipping is actually a meme that has been going on for some time, at the start of the month, and the general idea is to point out some blogs and say what they are doing right, and maybe offer some kind of tip for improvement.

Linking Strategy – Link to Feeds

Feedburner Squeeze Page

Mike Sansone in a recent comment over on his blog, after I gave a tagging example of [a href="" rel="tag"]Blog Coach[/a] in his comments, replied

Can I start using “generous genius” when I point to your site?