Climbing The Heights Of Mount Google

Link Building is a fundamental skill for SEO practitioners, but many go about it in ways that could hurt their long term ranking benefit.

Just over a year ago I wrote my first and only guest post, as an entry into Marketing Pilgrim’s annual competition.
At the time when I published the article, I joked that “I had been robbed“, you wouldn’t believe the number of comments suggesting a way to get my revenge, file DMCA, report to Google or recover my “stolen” article.

Rich Schefren + Dan Thies = Live Training Heaven


Both Rich Schefren & Dan Thies are holding live training events today that you don’t want to miss.

Rich Schefren GPS 2.0 Live

Last year Rich Schefren did something unprecedented – what was scheduled to be a 24hr marathon live training broadcast on Ustream ended up being extended by a couple of hours.

How to Coax Citations and Links From The Press

The press are an evil bunch:- they phone you when you are busy, ask you lots of difficult questions, try to trip you up or squeeze something juicy out of you, wasting lots of your time, and the buggers rarely give you a citation or a link for your efforts.