Top 32 33 Forms of Linking Payola

Special Update: Google Edition

What motivates people to link to other people? Listed are some of the reasons people might have for linking to you, and I am sure, some of the reasons you might link to other people.

SEO Consulting

I am not an SEO consultant, and whilst I am frequently emailed about whether I would be interested in doing some SEO consultancy, speciifically in relation to blogs, I generally turn it down.
This is actually a paid review, but lets look on it as “Paid Blog Tipping”.
Blog tipping is actually a meme that has been going on for some time, at the start of the month, and the general idea is to point out some blogs and say what they are doing right, and maybe offer some kind of tip for improvement.

Toolbar Pagerank | Ball Linking

Google have finally updated their toolbar pagerank for this site, not just on the front page, but also a lot of the deeper pages. Not all of them – some of those devoid of pagerank should probably have some, others probably shouldn’t especially moved content that hasn’t been given enough love.

How to make it easy to gain links

You should always try to make it easy for people to link to you, especially if you are running a blog which isn’t using nofollow for trackbacks as additional encouragement.

Thus you should provide copy and paste linking.