Exclusive: How To Get OPML For Google Reader

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This Really Is How TO Get OPML For Google Reader

For full details see the second half of this article

This isn’t a typical “how To” article, because currently this feature doesn’t exist, but it could with just a little 20% time at Google.

Technorati Favorites – Interesting New Message

Many people with lots of favorites in Technorati might have noticed that for the last month or so that Technorati were not displaying them, and thought that for some reason their account might have been banned.

Technorati Favorites – Is This Evil, Lazy or Just Smart?

I have just been casually observing what has been happening with a few memes, and one of those is what is happening with Technorati Favorites.
It is one thing exchanging favorites with people, that creates some interesting OPML data that can be used for all finds of things, but it is a lot of hard work updating lists with all the people who post comments etc.