Outsourcing & Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism is often discussed in the context of other people stealing your content, but today I am going to look at it from another perspective, ensuring that the content you create or have created for you is looked on as being unique.

Paid Comments – They Can Be 100% Ethical

Whilst travelling I missed a blogstorm – “Buy Blog Comments” a controversial service that allows you to pay a fee to have someone promote your website writing comments.
This is probably going to be my most controversial post ever, and lots of people are going to think it is just linkbait, but I sincerely believe that paid comments can be ethical.

Watering The Plants, Digging Holes & Housekeeping


Offline situations can have quite a devastating effect on your blogging, and whilst a lot of my niche sites run on autopilot, that is a lot more difficult for this site.
If I was going to be travelling for some time it would be possible to hand over the reigns to a possible guest author, or to publish some content with a forward timestamp, but because this blog is intended to be a community site, where I interact with my audience, if there is going to be a short delay in my publishing schedule, I tend to take the less complicated route… so be it.

Business Growth Systems Review | Stop Working on Sundays

Are you sick of regurgitated lists full of tips from people who have never made any real money online?

Rich Schefren

My respect for Rich Schefren started with one of the smallest details possible, actually one I had the cheek to criticise John Reese about not too long ago. In fact I would say 95% of Internet Marketing guru blogs overlook this one small factor.