Google Adwords – Mid to Long Tail – Google Doesn’t Care?

Armand Morin Legal Stuff

One of the hottest stories of the weekend without doubt was Armand Morin revealing that a Google Adwords rep had told one of his affiliates, in an email, that he needed to fix Armand’s site or remove it from the internet for unacceptable business practices, or remain with his Adwords account suspended.

Keyword Research Nitrous Oxide

Acne Keyword Research

If you asked Howie Schwartz what are the key skills that make his business a success, at least one of the answers would be “outsourcing” and another would be automation with effective tools.

SpeedPPC V3.0 Released


SpeedPPCAs we are having a bit of an affiliate marketing news week, I thought it would be good to mention that SpeedPPC v3.0 has just been announced, and for the next week it will be available at $100 discount.

Yahoo Change Pricing – Quality Based

I haven’t used Yahoo for PPC much in the past, so I would love to know what difference this makes for those of you who use PPC extensively through Yahoo.

I suppose my reluctance to use Yahoo was 2 fold