Affiliate Tracking For Product Launches (Pt 1)

This post is addressed to the poorly defined group of “Internet & Information” Marketers rather than the other poorly defined group of “Affiliate” Marketers. I am also going to clump most bloggers into the “Internet Marketers” group, because from what I have seen their tracking skills are pretty lacking, even if they claim to be “affiliate marketers”.

Tony Robbins Didn’t Know…


Earlier today I was watching a video for Jeff Walker newest product… yeah a new product, not just a relaunch of Product Launch Formula and I was struck by one small factoid within the first of many new (free) instructional videos.

Sphinn Moderation An Insult To Gary Halbert

Sphinn Players With Money

Whilst this might be personally biased, it is my opinion that my Gary Halbert quote in my recent Players With Money Review is probably better content than 90% of what is submitted to Sphinn, and on its own might even have been front page material if posted on a blog that was actively promoting their content on Sphinn.

I Bet You Missed Some of These (March 07)

These are some highlights (in my opinion) of some of the content I have created over the last month. If I have missed anything out which you enjoyed or gained some value from, please let others know in the comments.