Crazy… But I Haven’t Been Drinking

Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Tom McCarthy on a trip over to Florida for a Strategic Profits event – he is an inspirational thought leader, and without doubt the most animated speaker I have ever seen on stage. He captivates his audience, and for Strategic Profits also performed the role of MC.

Rich Schefren + Dan Thies = Live Training Heaven


Both Rich Schefren & Dan Thies are holding live training events today that you don’t want to miss.

Rich Schefren GPS 2.0 Live

Last year Rich Schefren did something unprecedented – what was scheduled to be a 24hr marathon live training broadcast on Ustream ended up being extended by a couple of hours.

Product Launch Tree Of Rich Schefren

Get inside information on how the sales process works with Strategic Profits and other top online businesses. I found it enlightening.

Most of my readers know I am a fan and customer of Rich Schefren and the Strategic Profits team, and I have even had the opportunity to be a “fly on the wall” inside one of his exclusive customer mastermind sessions.

I Totally Failed Rich Schefren But Kathy Sierra Returning

When one of your mentors gives you the opportunity to really help them, that is the time you should move mountains to achieve results.

Rich Schefren really wanted to get in contact with Kathy Sierra – he mentioned this privately to me on a call last November – I didn’t get any immediate results to enquiries I made with a few online friends, and December was a time of turmoil for me – moving house, no internet connection, no telephone.

Do You Trust My Advice?

Well at least take it into consideration?

One of the people who I trust to give me good information is Rich Schefren.

  • His company is less than 2 years old
  • He has a team of 20 people now

Why You Should Always FORGET Passwords

How many passwords are currently clogging up your brain?


Your brain has a finite capacity, though through training you can improve your use of it. The more you fill up your brain with things like passwords and phone numbers, the less capacity it has for learning important things, and thinking about them.

The Acceleration 2 Seminar: Introduction & Disclosure

Acceleration 2 Seminar

Acceleration 2 SeminarMy father was a 40 year veteran at The Daily Telegraph, head proof reader for a number of those years until proof readers were phased out in favour of computer jockeys with spell checkers, though you would never guess that based upon my own spelling and frequent typing mistakes.

You Have The Attention Span of a Gnat

I promised a review of “The Attention Age Doctrine” but I thought instead I would play around with some appetisers to encourage people to take a look.
The amount of time I have been able to allocate to this has been extremely limited, as a more urgent need for my time arose on Sunday and took up a large chunk of it over the last few days.

$25000 Prize Just For Creating Buzz

You simply must read this

There is a prize inside worth $25000 for the person who creates the most buzz about this new special report.

There are also 5 runners up prizes of $1000