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It appears that one of my fans believes that the whole blogging world revolves around my blog, and has thus tagged me for everything from Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan to careers, poetry and religion.

SchMOe – I Tagged Myself on MyBlogLog


MyBlogLogI have just tagged myself a SchMOe on MyblogLog

  • Blogs are a form of social media
  • I talk about optimizing blogs
  • MyBlogLog says:-
  • Spam – If you think someone is spamming you, tag it out loud! Internally, we like to call a user who games the system a SchMOe (Social Media Optimizer). Tag anyone who spams you with the term schmoe. Picture_13 While they have the ability to delete the tag and never see it again, WE can see it internally. As their user account racks up the schoe tag, we’ll investigate their conversations and take appropriate action.