SEO Tool – Site Seer – Coming Soon

Dan Thies Keyword Research

I mentioned in my second poll post that the Stompernet guys would be coming out with a new tool soon, and that also they would be limiting availability of some of their goodies to those that subscribe. That will include this new SEO tool.

Wide Circles = Blog Comment Spam

Maybe I am a little sensitive to blog comment spam issues, but I like genuine members of my community gaining a little link juice for their comments. Many comments you find on my blog are better than full blog posts elsewhere (sometimes the comments are better than what I write)

Blogging Response Rate (Part 2)

I mentioned I was testing on multiple posts, and that also included the recent Adwords video from Dan Thies of Stompernet.

Here are some important notes

  • The headline was chosen to be a little more appealing – it wouldn’t have affected people reading a full feed, or receiving my content by email (even though that was switched off), but it would affect links from social media and other blogs, and also platforms that only show headlines, such as Blogrush, Technorati Favorites, Alltop etc.

Blogging Response Rate (Poll)

Whilst the test I performed over the last few days isn’t ideal, recently, just for a few days I actually switched off my email subscriptions.
Email subscriptions has never accounted for the largest percentage of my subscribers, but I have always recognised them among my most responsive readers. I assure you the decision wasn’t taken lightly, especially with a number of major launches to write about which were highly targeted to my core audience.

New WordPress SEO Blogging Software

What a difference 24 hours make.

A few days ago I was honestly prepared to rip a product to shreds. It wasn’t that it was a bad product, but it wasn’t as well prepared as it should have been, and from what I can tell it was due to an honest communication error between a well respected online marketer and his programming team.

Banned By Google


It happens… even to the most accomplished SEO professionals.

Last August Dan Thies revealed the amazing story about how Brad Fallon, Stompernet founder and owner of was kicked out of Google, because of people exploiting bugs in Google.

Aha Hmm Mumble Shhh

Just a few miscellaneous tips without too much explanation.

Don’t forget to:-

1. Sign up and use Twitter
2. Sign up and use Friendfeed
3. Add both to Technorati
4. Ping both
5. Ping your friends