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Collective Thoughts

Collective ThoughtsSome of my readers might already be aware of this new blog on Social Media marketing based on some submissions I have made to Sphinn and Stumbleupon over the last 24 hours, but I thought it would be good to mention it here.

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Ben is one of the many great bloggers I met through MyBlogLog – we might have met anyway because blogging paths tend to cross eventually, and active blogging is actually still very much a small niche of 15,000,000 people ;)

MyBlogLog API – How Far Forward Are You Thinking

MyBlogLogMashups utilizing 3rd party services are a growing and competitive market, and only people who are fast on their feet get the chance to grab mind share with early adopters. Rarely is there a chance to take advantage of an API – before it is available.

Jubii Overview – Terms of Service and “The Invisible Captcha”


Despite the fact that Andy Beal thought it was a pain to sign up for the new Jubii service (it seriously is), I thought I would give it a try and give some feedback – 10GB of free storage could be useful, depending on usage restrictions.
The NY Times piece didn’t really give me any indication as to whether this service was just intended to be some kind of integrated Myspace, or dare I say it, something useful…