PageRank Update – Twitter Profiles – Tosh

Today we are going to face an avalanche of Technology bloggers who can’t help blogging about every intricate detail of Twitter in one way or another claiming that Google has devalued Twitter profiles in the search engine results pages (SERPs) or reduced the PageRank of profiles.

Twitter Viral Hell With Launch Tree

Viral Tell-A-Friend Inside Butterfly Reports

The security risks for your customers running viral tell-a-friend scripts and widgets.

This post is a year overdue – I have held back the material and refrained from pointing the finger for that period of time, but there is something I have noticed:-

You Can’t Charge For Twitter Popularity

There are a number of fundamental flaws in many of the “calculations” being floated as a business model for Twitter.

I am just going to revert to bullets to make this easier to digest.

Aha Hmm Mumble Shhh

Just a few miscellaneous tips without too much explanation.

Don’t forget to:-

1. Sign up and use Twitter
2. Sign up and use Friendfeed
3. Add both to Technorati
4. Ping both
5. Ping your friends

I Totally Failed Rich Schefren But Kathy Sierra Returning

When one of your mentors gives you the opportunity to really help them, that is the time you should move mountains to achieve results.

Rich Schefren really wanted to get in contact with Kathy Sierra – he mentioned this privately to me on a call last November – I didn’t get any immediate results to enquiries I made with a few online friends, and December was a time of turmoil for me – moving house, no internet connection, no telephone.

Nofollow Killed Google Social Graph API 3 Years Ago

Socila Graph API example

Lets face it, I have social profiles all over the web and I am or have been an active participant in tons of conversations on blogs and forums.

3 years ago Google introduced rel=”nofollow”, very similar to rel=”me” , rel=”friend” and other XFN and FOAF standards.
Today Google are championing their new API with the slogan “URLs Are People Too

Twitter Nofollow

News of Twitter adopting rel=”nofollow” is disturbing.

Sure links from Twitter can be abused, because Twitter profiles are so heavily interlinked.

What they should have done is stuck nofollow on your “twitter blogroll” links thus making each Twitter account a little more independent and negating the benefit of building up mass friendships for more than traffic generation.