How To Launch a NSFW Site On Mainstream Video Sites

Traffic Rising To The Occasion

A subtle mix of tantalizing facts about the most controversial internet industry displayed provocatively on a semi-naked female body can turn into a traffic whirlwind.

Whilst Youtube and Myspace don’t seem to consider the content of the video NSFW, I have taken the opportunity to mask certain references.
No pictorial content would be looked on as NSFW in most countries I am aware of, but there is certainly some female flesh shown from below the neckline.

MyBlogLog Tricks

I noticed a useful trick to show more of the people who have visited your blog recently over on Digital Inspiration.
This is extremely useful to help you spot contact whores who are just sending you contact requests without ever visiting your blog. There are scripts out there to do this now, so be on the lookout.

The Autopsy – Free Ebook

I am sure many people have heard of Scott Boulch, the controversial author of “The Death of Adsense” in 2006.

In the matter of a few weeks he grew a mailing list of almost 39,000 people in the internet marketing field by paying an incentive to people promoting his free ebook for each download.

Squidoo Zlist Under New Management

Ray Edwards, a copywriter I have a lot of respect for is now in charge of moderation of the Squidoo Z-List.

He has made a number of controversial editorial decisions that I think are warranted. Just like Digg, it was subject to massive “bury” syndrome by people with personal interests.

Memes – Viral Blogging

Before Christmas I was actually tagged twice for the 5 things about you meme, and didn’t have time to respond.

First of all by Teli, and then by Eve

So here is my response, and as I can’t think of suitable 5 people to add to the list, I am going to play meme-pong and fire the z-list back at them ;)

MyBlogLog – Antisocial Behaviour?

Am I an antisocial member of MyBlogLog?

Contacts in MyBlogLog

Adding someone as a contact in MyBlogLog does 2 major things

1. It sends them an email message
2. It allows your contact information to be viewable by them

Readers Throwing Money Away

Or maybe it is just me throwing money away by not just including my own selection of ebooks for my best ebooks post recently.

The post brings in search traffic every day, both from blog search and even Google’s main search that could be reading the recommended ebooks from my subscribers, rather than links I suggest.
Currently 7th and 4th on the first page of Google.
It is not bringing in a huge amount of traffic (a few visitors every day), but then it hasn’t been marketed at all yet, and those 2 terms are not highly competitive.

Best Free Ebooks | Free Reports of 2006

Every year 1000s of free reports and ebooks are published to promote various products or services. or just to encourage email sign ups.

The tactic is commonly referred to as one form of “Viral Marketing”