Exactly Why Nofollow at Wikipedia is bad

Once upon a time, a scientist wrote a brilliant blog post solving the answer to life, the universe and everything. A few people linked to him, and anyone searching for the answer to the ultimate question could find it easily, by just a simple search in Google.
The scientist appeared right at the top of the results.

Wikipedia NoFollow Plugin? WikiDigg?

The news today seems to be that Wikipedia have added nofollow to external links.

I have seen a lot of sites mention that all the search engines respect nofollow. Actually they don’t. Anlaysis has shown that Yahoo certainly follow and index pages despite the nofollow tag.

⇒ ⇒ Wikiseek Results = Rubbish


Wikiseek seems to be the hottest news of the day but honestly it is just a poor mashup of the Wikipedia database, a poor quality search engine, and some PPC adverts. Whilst Wikiseek has launched in a huge fanfare, and admittedly is still in beta, my personal opinion is that Wikipedia are taking the wrong direction.