The Power Of Blogging Reciprocity

The relationships you can build in blogging are often more valuable than you can allocate a monetary value.

I have just been joking a little with Jack Humphrey on twitter about outranking him for his own product.. yet again, and toying with the idea of making it a double listing.
The first thing Jack did when he read my post was promote it to his Twitter followers.

Blogging Response Rate (Poll)

Whilst the test I performed over the last few days isn’t ideal, recently, just for a few days I actually switched off my email subscriptions.
Email subscriptions has never accounted for the largest percentage of my subscribers, but I have always recognised them among my most responsive readers. I assure you the decision wasn’t taken lightly, especially with a number of major launches to write about which were highly targeted to my core audience.

New WordPress SEO Blogging Software

What a difference 24 hours make.

A few days ago I was honestly prepared to rip a product to shreds. It wasn’t that it was a bad product, but it wasn’t as well prepared as it should have been, and from what I can tell it was due to an honest communication error between a well respected online marketer and his programming team.

Ken Evoy Attacks Blogging & WordPress

I have learnt a huge amount from Ken Evoy over the years, he provides some of the best free ebooks to learn about affiliate marketing and pre-selling ever written.

His SiteBuildIt system has created many successful online businesses and was doing this long before WordPress became popular.