Custom Query String – UTW Edition

Contributors: AndyBeard
Tags: Custom Query String, seo, post listing, wordpress loop, display
Requires at least: 1.5
Tested up to: 2.2
Stable tag: 2.8

For WordPress Versions 2.3+ please refer to Custom Query String Reloaded

This is a SEO plugin for advanced WordPress Search Engine Optimization techniques and for those looking to explore SEO siloing

It can also be used for aesthetic appeal

Both of these aspects ultimately benefit the end user, because rather than having to scroll through pages of content trying to find what most interests them, your WordPress archives can be presented in a useful way.


This plugin is intended to be used in advanced linking stuctures such as those described in WordPress SEO Masterclass For Competitive Niches

Rather than blocking duplicate content pages, they can be used to your advantage, but as customized landing pages and a method of channelling “Google Juice” away from pages that are receiving the majority of links, to pages that you wish to rank well, and also to your homepage to enhance monetization.

This plugin allows you to modify the default number of posts displayed by the WordPress loop before it creates a new page.


1. Just unzip and upload the “custom-query-string-utw.php” file to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Modify the options in Options >>>

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need this plugin?
    Probably not if you are asking that question after reading the linked article. This plugin is currently provided for those who want to experiment with advanced, atypical search engine optimization and linking structures.
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This plugin is based upon the original Custom Query String by Matt Read which has been looking for a permanent home for a while.

It contains some simple modifications extending the operation to include the UTW is_tag() function.
The changes made are not unique, as they are the same as have been described on a number of Non-english language blogs such as 082Net

Current release notes and support thread