Hacked WordPress Plugins

Sometimes I feel the need to hack a wordpress plugin to do something slightly different to the original purpose.
Whilst I do sometimes provide information about the hacks I perform, many people don’t take action and use the code fragments to use their own hacked version. This can be for a number of reasons, and looking at php code for the first time can be quite scary.

Thus I am going to start providing hacked copies of the plugins from this page.

  • Hacked Plugins will still be under their original license
  • The distributed plugins should not be looked on as a branch of the original
  • In general I will not be providing support for the plugins, though I don’t mind answering the odd comment or request
  • I will publish the changes I have made
  • No guarantee of future updates in line with the original releases
  • Some plugins have update notifications – currently I intend to leave those “as is”, thus you would be notified of an update in the original, not the hacked version.

I am making these hacks for my own use, thus the changes I make will only be enough to identify the plugin as a hacked version, and provide the functionality I require.


Hacked version of the Sociable plugin that includes nofollow on all links.
Other than name, the changes are similar to the changes detailed here.
All filenames and folders are identical to original, and they probably cannot co-exist.

[drain file 6 show]

This distribution now includes the Stumbleupon fix and TwitThis added by Jemmille.

This distribution now has support for Sphinn

Please be aware of the bugs with Sociable and WordPress 2.2.1 – it works when you are saving preferences, but it doesn’t look like it does.

This plugin remains for historical purposes, but could be looked on as obsolete