I keep on being reminded by people to put something here on my about page. The biggest problem is that anything I write here is going to be out of date as soon as I write it.

These are the words of Dane Morgan.

Andy is definately the kind of guy I’d like to get to know better, and I do hope that over time we get to know each other more. We have a lot of similar interests, and I can tell he’s the kind of guy who needs to know both the how and the why of the way things work.

Unlike a lot of others who have that drive to know, Andy also has a drive to apply. He is right now working on a project that he simply won’t tell me a lot about yet, but the hints he’s droped, both in his blog and in an email or two, leave me with that 8 year old at Christmas kind of energetic, barely contained anxiousness. I can’t wait to see what he cooks up.

So is Dane right?


I do have a start-up planned, it could be big, it could just disappear in a cloud of internet ether never to be heard of by anyone.

So what makes me tick?

I would post a resume but I am certainly not looking for a job working for someone else

I am married, and live in a fairly rural area of Poland that Google maps almost totally ignores, so I won’t bother showing you where exactly.

I run my business from the UK, and that is where my startup company will also most probably be formed.

I live in a small 100 year old recently renovated cottage, and am about half-way through building a much larger home.

One of these days I will add a little bit more information here, but most of the interesting stuff I would add here still has to happen.