I Predate Google

I am a long way behind on memes, in some cases a good 3 or 4 weeks, but I have the ones I am interested in bookmarked, and I will come back to them when I have time.

Charity Link Meme


WOSPCharity is important and charity organisations need some link love just like every other site on the net. What better than a charity link meme.
This also helps me highlight a charity I have supported for all the 14 years I have been over here in Poland, that has actually grown to be the largest charity in the country.

One Day

This post is entitled just One Day, not One Day Blog Silence, because some people may wish to take other actions, and possibly speak out about other causes.

One Day Blog Silence

For French Speakers

Technorati Favorites – Is This Evil, Lazy or Just Smart?

I have just been casually observing what has been happening with a few memes, and one of those is what is happening with Technorati Favorites.
It is one thing exchanging favorites with people, that creates some interesting OPML data that can be used for all finds of things, but it is a lot of hard work updating lists with all the people who post comments etc.

Do I Make You Think?

thinking blog

thinking blogThat is certainly the intention…

There are multiple subjects I discuss that could potentially benefit my readers, and lots of them I potentially have some kind of future commercial interest in, whether it be blogging topics such as WordPress and tagging, monetization, reviews and affiliate programs, SEO, and the latest and greatest Web 2.0 applications for building traffic to your blogs, or ways to find other blogs in your niche with whom you can build relationships.

Goal Setting & Technorati 100

Do you set achievable goals both on your on-line activities and in your off-line personal life? I certainly do, though some of them I keep private, and a few I leave hints about.

Trackbacks to Moveable Type and Hacked WordPress Sites

Am I the only one who feels slightly disconnected from the conversation when blogs using Moveable Type, or a modified WordPress installation don’t trackback.

If your blog doesn’t trackback, I am less inclined to link to you and join your conversation. I might just comment, but that doesn’t send my readers to see what you wrote either.