Comments Policy

I believe in spreading “Google Juice”, and have this horrible conception that if I help others, maybe they will scratch my back once in a while as well, whether it is the occasional link from one of their sites, or even a simple thing such as adding me to their favourite bookmarking site.

    I will moderate comments.

    No linking to offensive sites. Porn, pills, gambling, payday loans etc are out. No linking to sites Google has grey boxed.

    Hmm splogs. I am splog tollerant, in as much as my definition of a splog is much more tollerant than most bloggers.

    If your site is just random garbage, don’t link to it.

    If your site is just a reblog of snippets from an article site, I am ashamed for you. Surely you can do better than that! I don’t want to be ashamed for you, so don’t link to it.

    If all you have done is taken an affiliate feed, and chucked it into a WordPress blog with no additional benefit to your readers over the other 100 blogs using the feed in the same way, don’t link to it.

    If your site is just an affiliate link, it doesn’t belong here. If you leave such a link, I am most likely to make fun of you, and destroy your credibility. I will also report you to the affiliate manager for the product involved.

    What I will allow which others probably wouldn’t

    • Links to sites with 100% duplicate content. Lots of national newspapers have duplicate content that is fed to them from various press agencies. I am quite happy with sites made up of nothing but duplicate articles from article directories, as long as you have “niched” them, and maybe added some additional value.
    • Technorati, Mybloglog & Blogcatalog are creative uses of duplicate content

    Obviously I love the odd backlink.

    I am very happy to review niche websites in any niche. Just make sure it is a site you would be willing to “hang your hat on”

    You retain ownership of your comments to use wherever you like. You grant me the limited right to publish them in whole or in part on domains I own. Comments will never be used out of context, and would certainly not be used as a testimonial for a product without express permission.

    The intention is to allow me to move content around as needed, and not to use your comments related to something that wasn’t intended.

    I reserve the right to contact you via email regarding any comment you make.

    Update: Nov 13th 2009 Keywords

    Looks like Friday 13th is a very bad day for comment spammers…

    • No more keywords within anchor lext in the comment fields
    • No sig links under comments
    • Highly relevant links in the body of a comment can contain anchor text such as the blog title but they will be judged on a case by case basis.
    • Even after these changes, I still expect to delete 90% of human comments as the vast majority are just an attempt to get a link rather than adding real value to the conversation.
    • SEO Consultants/Agencies – If I catch you commenting but linking to a client’s site, your online reputation, your firm’s and that of your client are being put at severe risk.
    • Link to a page or a blog that can be identified as being about you, so my readers can gain additional perspective on your point of view and where necessary sufficent disclosure