Ultimate List of DoFollow & Nofollow Plugins – Banish Nofollow From Comments and Trackbacks

WordPress by default, just like other blogging platforms, has automatically been adding the “nofollow” microformat extension to all links from user generated content such as comments and trackbacks. To support the growing rejection of NoFollow for blog comments, I have compiled this list of plugins that help you remove nofollow from your blog forever.

  • Lucia’s Linky Love Plugin – I was going to liken this plugin to a Ferrari, because it is built to be fast, but it is probably more like a Subaru, not just fast but designed for rugged terrain and can handle the twists and turns of comment spammers without slowing down.
  • DoFollow – many look on this as the granddaddy of NoFollow plugins – you just switch it on and it works, all nofollows are removed from comments and trackbacks.
  • Dofollow (WP Plugin) – Sometimes I wish this one has been given a better more descriptive name. It includes the ability (optional) to remove nofollow from comments after a period of time.
  • Link Love – this is a brand new plugin that removes nofollow after a certain number of comments have been made – this rewards regular commenters – one thing I like is that the detection is based upon email address and not domain or URL, so it allows a commenter to spread the links how they like.
  • GoodLinks – This plugin looks extremely useful for many people who have layout problems when people post long URLs – it also removes NoFollow as an option
  • Blank Target Comments – Another multi-purpose comment link plugin – it removes nofollow from only the comment author links, and adds target=”_blank” – no link because it doesn’t seem to be available for download any more which is a shame.
  • Remove Nofollow – Cristian Mezi from SeoPedia’s plugin – I am not sure of the history or features, but it is probably similar to the original DoFollow plugin.
  • NoNofollow – Including this link for historical reasons – Bronski’s plugin doesn’t work with newer versions of WordPress, but credit where credit is due.
  • WP-Nofollow – Again included for historical reasons – one of the first plugins for WP 1.2 based on the original MT plugin code

For those that like hacking core files Rob has a simple guide to removing nofollow, though I prefer to avoid hacking any core files as it makes keeping WordPress up to date easier.

How to Remove Nofollow From Blogger / Blogspot

New Blogger Blogspot – Here is a guide on how to remove nofollow from your blogspot blog using New Blogger for both comments and trackbacks.

You can also remove nofollow from Classic blogger that is published by FTP

How to Remove Nofollow From Typepad

Mike Sansone created a simple step-by-step guide on How To Remove Nofollow From Typepad
Fox Tucker has also come up with an interesting way to present links without nofollow on Typepad blogs.

How to Remove Nofollow From Moveable Type

How to remove Nofollow on Moveable Type – A Comprehensive guide on removing Nofollow from Moveable Type and Disable the Redirect

This also referenced Removing the Redirect Link

Legacy link for Moveable Type and Nofollow (it wasn’t complete)

Some Plugins Not Included?

I did find a few other Nofollow plugins available, but they appear on sites that are using nofollow for links in their own comments, seemed to be copies of the same code others provided, or were just dead links so I didn’t include them here.

Add Nofollow

If you want to do the opposite, and add NoFollow to certain types of links, here are some resources. There are some great and totally legitimate reasons you might want to do this.

  • Add Link Attribute – this plugin is extremely powerful in the hands of someone who wants to control the flow of Google Juice around their site. Some links are purely navigational, or link to forms or other pages both on or offsite that do not contain content. This plugin allows you to zap them without modifying core files.
  • Wikipedia NoFollow – want to reclaim the Google Juice you send to Wikipedia that currently stops flowing, and turns Wikipedia into a black hole – this plugin is the perfect answer – if Wikipedia turn the flow back on, you can reciprocate just by switching the plugin off.
  • WP Temp Nofollow – I am not sure how up to date this one is, but if you have hacked WordPress to remove the nofollow code, you could use something like this plugin to add nofollow back for a period of time. It was designed for older WordPress versions that didn’t have nofollow as standard.
  • NoFollow from Home – This one is interesting from an SEO perspective in that it adds nofollow to links in your content on the home page
  • Don’t FollowThis plugin allows you to selectively add nofollow to links in your comments simple by adding /dontfollow to the end of the URL – I am not sure how nicely it plays with other nofollow plugins as I would assume it would have to have a lower priority so that it adds nofollow after any other plugin has removed it. (thanks Lorelle)
  • Nofollow Those Dupes – My own plugin to add nofollow to links within content to everything other than single pages, thus avoiding Google Juice leaks on duplicate content pages.

Add NoFollow Other Platforms

Lots of people in the last few day have proclaimed (finally) an end to using Nofollow on their blog and many of them are friends or regular readers. Now whilst I would like to link to them all, there are far too many of them (plus I have something else planned). Instead I am going to link to the one that I feel is most significant. Dougal Campbell has just installed a DoFollow plugin, and as a core developer of WordPress, this is a major development. Maybe we can see some optional features within WordPress and WordPress.com soon.

I would love to add more to this list, so if you know of other plugins, especially for platforms other than WordPress, please let me know in the comments or ping me and I will add them to the list.

NoFollow Community on Bumpzee

A list of 10000+ sites that are supporting the no nofollow | dofollow | i follow movement isn’t a viable proposition. In fact there are 149,000 references to DoFollow listed by Google, though not all of those sites are using a dofollow solution, or have the ability for users to leave a comment or trackback.

For a number of months I though about creating a directory of DoFollow supporters, and even have a prototype site with loads of features, but it just didn’t offer enough usability, and managing the growing community would have been extremely time consuming.

My solution (I did consider many) was to create a community that allowed no nofollow community members to find bloggers that were like minded within their own niche.

Bumpzee has support for tagging, parsing tags and defined categories from within the RSS feeds, thus it is possible to browse blog posts on any subject.

The interface isn’t ideal yet, but is under constant active development and hopefully in the future you will be able to just go to a tag on parenting, and find 50 or more blogs who write about parenting, and their recent posts, and who all use a dofollow equivalent for their blogging platform.

I encourage you to join the No Nofollow | I Follow | DoFollow Community

It is my intent for the community to be the largest and most active on Bumpzee, and we will build the community together.

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  1. says

    Nice list Andy. Have been on my own quest since Andy Beal took charge of his own little campaign.

    Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the way your commenting is set up. I think it requires a blog post in itself.

    • says

      I would be willing to take the chance that people will spam to use Do Follow. There are some good spam zappers out there. If someone comments, the least you could do is link back.

    • says

      Great list of plugins. Thanks. Looks like I have a few new ones to install.

      Hey Maki, I love your blog. I subscribe via rss and read it every day.

  2. says

    I actually need to do some more adjustments to theme design, but when I modified the Header, I decided I didn’t really need to rank for “ndy beard” so sticking a nofollow on it was a quick fix.
    I have a lot more other fixes to do on this site – it has always been a work in progress rather than a “perfect example”. I make small changes and measure the results as best I can.

  3. says

    Andy this is really helpful info – thanks for this post. I have a question about my lingering concerns with removing the nofollow tag: sometimes there is a fine line between a blog and a splog. What if I let through an outbound link that ends up being a blacklisted link farm? How would that effect my Google juice?

  4. says

    Well the first step is to have a comments policy suggesting that people link to sites that are about them, and not what they are promoting or trying to get juice for.

    I typically delete affiliate links people drop, or links to poor quality splogs that aren’t giving correct attribution.

    If someone is syndicating my content, I might just leave one trackback in place, but after that I block them from trackbacks. If I didn’t do that I would currently end up with 6 trackbacks automatically on every post within a few seconds of publishing.
    It depends on how they are doing it. If they are “niching” content, and not just grabbing every article, then I will often leave a few more trackbacks in place.

    You get to know commenters, if someone new posts a comment, it is fairly natural to go take a look at the link they posted.

  5. says

    Just look for a grey bar in your Google Toolbar (though this sometimes is shown for a new domain)

    People posting comments purely for SEO will use a keyword as their name and link using a spammy URL that is clearly not relevant to the post.

    There are some people who use the name of their site. As an example Engtech who is as white as snow.
    In most cases if a site has some green in the toolbar, it is a fairly safe bet. I don’t think Google (though I have no proof) that Google will give a penalty for a link to a domain that sometime in the future gets a penalty. It is just one of 1000s of links.

  6. says

    That is a nice list, but what I’m impressed me is that you included reciprocal information; acknowledging that there might be appropriate reasons for others to want “no follow” occasionally.

  7. says

    Andy – great looking list. I just setup the Link Love plugin and changed the variable number to 2. A bit low, but I’m happy to give out the link love on the site for people. Will probably announce the change soon. I doubt it will cause more people to comment though, but for those that do, maybe there’s some added value now.

  8. says

    HELP, HELP, HELP. I came here from Ben’s Instigator blog looking for a plug-in for Blogger. I desperately need one. I looked for nofollow in the template code, but did not locate it. Could you tell me what to do so that I can send link love.

    I’ve purchased two books on how to set up word press and somewhere something went wrong and I’m simply not able to use word press. But I’d love some help for Blogger.

    Thanks so much, Andy.

  9. says

    Robyn, As soon as WordPress 2.2 comes out, I will be happy to help you get your old blog imported to WordPress. Last I heard the importer isn’t fully working on the new blogger, and that WP 2.2 will have the working code.

    Removing Nofollow whilst possible using a custom comments system with Blogger, that normally means the comments are being hosted off-site, which again isn’t very practical.

  10. says

    WordPress needs a plugin to get rid of no follow? get with the times – NucleusCMS doesn’t add it in the first place. My site loves it’s commenters with SEO link juice and has done from day one.

  11. says

    I’m a huge fan of the dofollow plugin. Way to go! I think that if people are going to take the time to read your whole post and then contribute to the conversation, then they should be rewarded by getting a link to their site.

  12. says

    Nice job! Just stumbled on the post and you bring up a lot of good stuff. This nofollow issue has been really interesting to watch…

  13. says

    Hey Andy (you may remember me from howto.com, many moons ago)

    Great list! But here’s 2 questions from a blogging newbie…

    1. The real difference between NOFOLLOW and LINKLOVE is “how open” I want to be, right? And I get to set up how many posts it takes?

    2. NOFOLLOW FROM HOME – How is it “interesting” from an SEO standpoint; good or bad? I’m not sure I totally understood the write up but would really like to know.


  14. says

    Sure I do Dennis, although you are talking as if I have departed ;) I still pop back occasionally.

    The LinkLove plugin gives you the flexibility to reward your “regulars” after a certain number of comments.
    It is a good alternative compared to using the DoFollow with a timer

    The NofFollow from home plugin places nofollow on all the links within your content that appears on your front page, and your front page is typically where a lot of your incoming Google Juice arrives, but not always if lots of people link to your blog posts… hmm this one comes to mind, I am busy fixing the layout as this comment box is too far down the page to be useful.

    What you might want to do is only have outbound links from “single” pages, and not when the same content appears on the front page.

    It is a plugin I still have to experiment with, and you would probably also want to use it combined with some highly customised themes and other plugins to control nofollow on other elements.

    With it you could effectively ensure that juice is only transferred to your content through a single page sitemap for even distribution, or only through other internal links such as tags and direct links in content.

  15. says

    Hello again,

    Sorry, I meant because I basically departed; I pop back quite infrequently.

    So, if I have this right the linklove is good for dashing the hopes of one hit wonders – not just spammers but those only looking for a little juice with no intention of returning.

    Ok, so with the nofollow from home, does that mean all post links on the home page are “useless”? And what about sidebar links on the home page?


  16. says

    Linklove – correct

    NoFollow From Home – as far as I know it is just in the content, I am not sure how that affects plugins that add something to the bottom of the content using a WordPress hook. I suppose that would depend on priority of execution.

    For things in the sidebar, header and footer if you wanted to add nofollow automatically to all of them, then you could use the Add Link Attribute plugin which would require lots of theme modifications.

    Theoretically with a combination of the 2 plugins, it would be possible to develop a few templates to emulate the linking structures within Revenge of the Mininet.
    I don’t think those are ideal for normal blogs, but for small niche sites they could be quite effective.

  17. says

    I just created a blogroll for any bloggers who are part of the Do Follow movement.

    Any bloggers interested in being added to the list who use a do follow plugin or who have manually removed the “no follow” tags from the comment section of their site are welcome to join.

    All they have to do is be “Do follower’s”, and be willing to add the blogroll to their sidebar or a page on their site that can be found easily from their front page. Visiting other members is of course encouraged.

    Andy I’d love it if you’d let your readers know about this new blogroll.


    • says

      It is a nice idea but it isn’t very useful.

      Before I started the Bumpzee community I was looking to create just a directory, that would have taken user submissions, fully navigated by tags, RSS feeds of content from each blog, include a full description of each blog, including screenshots.

      I might still do it, because I have the domain name, but ultimately the Bumpzee community will be more useful.

      A list of links doesn’t help people find blogs within the same niche, or blog posts in the same niche.

      I know hundreds of blogs that use dofollow, so does Google, just can just do a search on dofollow and works your way through the SERPs, but that doesn’t allow you to interact with people in the same niche, and make the links valuable.

  18. says


    This is the greatest thing since hot pockets!

    Great information, and excellent comment template. Very clean and readable.

    I likey!

  19. says

    Thanks for the useful information.
    I find the removing nofollow is good for the blogger as well, since people are more inclined to post comments.. this post is a perfect example.

  20. says

    Unfortunately LinkLove seems to have an internal server error so I’ll have to come back for a visit. Otherwise I’ll try one of the others that you recommend above. I was first made aware of your post via a LinkedIn Bloggers forum so word is getting around. And I agree, why should genuine comments be penalised because of all the comment spam out there? I’ve blogrolled this post on my http://www.soho-life.com site which has a section on blogging there, but I’ll probably add it to my main site at some stage too.

  21. says

    I think nofollow has gotten out of control. I surf with the Search Status Firefox Extension that highlights nofollow on pages so that it’s easy to see. Sometimes sites will nofollow every link on the site — sometimes even important internal links. There is too much misunderstanding out there about nofollow.

  22. says

    Thank you so much. I learned how to remove nofollow from my blogspot blog from here. I’m no techie so that’s quite an accomplishment for me. My blog is just about a month old but this has really helped it take off quite well. I’m learning a lot, too, by surfing dofollow blogs and commenting. It’s a really great movement.

  23. says

    Andy, Great list. I found it through Blogoscoped.

    I’ve instituted the Dofollow plugin, but also took it a step further and have included my policy on the blog (see comment URI) This way my commentators and readers know exactly what to expect from my site.

  24. says

    I would really like to know if you had any setbacks on SERP or google visitor numbers after you changed to “dofollow” ? Its like a religion nowadays to “protect” your pagerank from other webmasters.

  25. says

    Nice post,
    I have been reading about no follows for a little while, wondering what it actually meant… Finally after some thoughts I decided to install it… Let’s see what it brings…


  26. says

    Wow, what a great post! Kudos for compiling all the do/nofollow plugins, tips and tricks into one place! I can’t remember how I got here, but I sure am glad I did!

    I’ll be no-nofollowing (do following?) shortly!

    And I can’t believe I just ended every sentence with an exclamation point…

    • says

      What are the consequences of having a female avatar when your name is Rob? That immediately suggests gaming the system to me.

      I visit the blogs of the people who leave comments, and can tell if they are real blogs or something dodgy.
      I think the odd bad neighbourhood link can creep into any site. All it takes is for someone not to renew a domain registration, and you end up linking through to a domainer, which isn’t necessarily a bad neighbourhood either.

      There is an additional problem. In the past the “grey bar” on Google’s toolbar could be used as an indication that you should be careful. Now “white” seems to have disappeared for new content, and both new and duplicate content is grey, which is honestly a pain.

  27. says

    Great list!

    I wish that more blogs would implement this, but a lot of blog owners seem wary of it. They are afraid of a spam increase.

    I have had a spam increase since using the dofollow plugin, but askimet has still caught them all…heh.

  28. says

    This is an excellent idea as long as the script kiddies don’t start spamming. I agree with others though that the tools are getting better at automatically detecting the spam.

    We have followed the movement and hope others will join as well.

    • says

      I was aware of that one, and I am also an avid reader of Michel’s blog.

      One of the reasons I didn’t include it is because I don’t “timeout” comments on my blog. I just had a comment on this post which is 3 months old, and actually get comments and trackbacks all the time.
      I also just answered a comment on a 5 month old post.

      I use Spam Karma for spam control – old posts which are not active receive a penalty on their Karma, thus my old dead posts even legitimate comments normally have to be approved.

      On a post like this which is always highly active, I doubt the comments will ever receive a penalty.

      An occasional spam comment has been known to slip through, but it is quite rare.

    • says

      A few options

      1. Hack the plugin yourself
      2. Use the Add Link Attribute plugin listed above (as long as you are not using a version that is a widget – I seem to remember it was turned into a widget version)
      3. Ask Denis to provide a version with NoFollow
      4. Just add the buttons yourself to the sidebar, or use another plugin.

      I can’t provide a hacked version because of the terms under which Denis publishes his plugins.

  29. says

    Andy, I have a question. Does Haloscan enable me to follow links? I’m using it because I was given to believe it does. But I’d like the advise of an expert like you. Haloscan put code in my blog, but outside there code in a backlinks section of the Blogger code I see the words “rel nofollow” in a feedlinks section. I will paste below to get your thoughts.



    I would appreciate your advice on this. Thanks so much.

  30. says

    Hi Andy, i look for a “nofolow module” for Drupal. I found your web page by google an your link tip to (NoFollow List (Drupal)). Thanks very much.

    my tip: link redirect + rel=nofollow.

    for example: <a href="/redirect.php?url=http://google.com" rel="external nofollow">google.com</a>


  31. says

    Great Post Andy!

    I comment like crazy just for the fun of it. However… Getting a link is certainly a bonus. I have my own list that I track in Google reader. If I see a great post in that feed, reading it will usually get priority over reading other blog posts that have nofollow installed.


  32. says

    Doesn’t enableing dofollow on your blog promote spam? Sure you still get it with nofollow, but Wikipedia for instance enabled it to stop spam.

    • says

      You see to be heading your SEO the siloing route for SEO, which I use for some niche blogs, but I wouldn’t use it for a community blog.

      This post as an example currently has 50 comments and even more external links from trackbacks, but most of the incoming juice is dispersed throughout my site, resulting in every post gaining a good share of juice.

      Ultimately it will leave my site through some route. I don’t use a blogroll, because the links are heavily discounted and not very relevant.

      Whilst Google Supplemental Results reporting is fairly goofy currently, you won’t find many blogs with a higher percentage of indexed pages than I currently have being reported.

      • says

        What is a good % of posts to have indexed? I always figured that if you have good internal linking they all will be. Also, was you domain expired last week?

        • says

          Now that Google seem to be reporting supplemental results correctly, it will be easier to improve thing.

          Supplemental results are caused by lack of pagerank, and every large site is going to have pages that have that situation.

          As per some of my more recent posts, I will be changing my site structue soon to channel the Google Juice a little better where I want it.

          I did have some downtime, and I am still working things out with the registrars as to exactly how that can be avoided, though I have been a little busy.

          This is a .eu , .eu have not been around for long, and the first round of registration refreshes have caused some teething problems as they have different regulations.

  33. says

    I am new to this “do follow” thing.. But I think this is realy cool..Nice to give some do follow links to our commentors

  34. Spammers dont get links says

    Nofollow, do follow, let’s follow…

    [edit]I am so glad you went to the trouble of writing a comment that doesn’t add to the conversation

  35. says

    I believe that this idea of do-follows is amazing and is going to help impact so many young bloggers. I think it is going to improve the networking even more of what linking can do to help each other and also allow for each of us to communicate and build our knowledge. How has it helped you out so far?

  36. Lazar says

    Hey! LinkLove site is down. Do you know any mirror site where I can download it, or some site with source code available?


    • says

      Rhea, you are right, it wouldn’t be hard, in fact it would be very similar to Trumors.com for the submissions, but with a little bit of extra coding to display screenshot, RSS feeds etc.

      But what would be the point, when the community is now established on Bumpzee, and providing everything that is needed?

      As it is many people are more keen to promote their own thing than a community, or we would already have 1000+ members and not 250+, but even that community is far better than people just visiting a bunch of links in a list.

  37. says

    Hi Andy,
    could you explain or point me in the right direction to (simply;-) let me get the jist of follow, nofollow etc. I have just got semiologic and i am trying to find my way around it and i came across the nofollow and don’t understand. At a guess, using logic, dofollow allows it to go through and nofollow stops it from? And if this is correct, stops it from going where. (Maybe you say, ‘where ever you want it to go’) and if so, maybe it is the concept that i am missing. If you get 5 please put some light on this for me;-)
    Warm Regards
    Ricky Dearman

    • says

      As I have now explained on the currently broken Blogger comment form (typing with the text 4 pixels high is not fun), the only page the links have to have nofollow removed is the permalink page.

      Forget the nofollow on the popup page, that doesn’t matter it is just a form and is meaningless.

  38. says

    This is an awesome page! I recently learned about the wole “nofollow” thing, and downloaded the first plugin, so I have to thank you for making this page available!

  39. says

    I’ve been using the regular do follow plugin but I think I’m going to switch right now to the Linky love plugin as I’ve been seeing more abuse of do follow blogs in the last few weeks.

    Also, someone just created a Google search engine that lists all the do follow blogs that this “person” has found. He says he created is so people could find relevant niche blogs to post on but I don’t like it.

    Since I’m having major CPU resource overuse issues on my server (know of a good webhost??) I’ll have to check out these plugins to make sure they don’t use a lot of resources but I’m going to switch. I’m tired of my husband and I’s 9 blogs being abused.

  40. says

    ow stumbled here trough google, a great find, thanks alot. i wish WP would have made dofollow standard instead of nofoloow

  41. says

    Andy thank you for providing such thorough information. I have spent all day trying to figure out the D-List No Follow method. I think I’ve got it together now. I’m excited about Bumpzee and look forward to becoming an active member. Thanks again.

    Best Wishes Always,

  42. says

    Thanks for an extremely helpful one stop shop on the whole nofollow/dofollow discussion.

    There is one thing I think I should correct from Matt’s earlier reply suggesting that Nucleus CMS does not use nofollow. This is not actually the case (in all cases) and users of the Nucleus platform who are either unsure, or want to remove the nofollow attribute can find out how to do so at the official forums.

    The Nucleus plugin is unfortunately snafu’d at present but there are clear instructions on how to remove nofollow manually from Nucleus here

    Regards from Cayman

  43. says

    In addition to the above, I see that it is in actual fact Matt who is working on the Nucleus plugin, so presumably he forgot to come back to this thread and update it……hopefully he won’t shoot me for the correction :-)

    His own post on the subject dated 30/3/2007 is here


  44. says

    Hey Andy, love you blog and love what your doing for the movement of the DoFollow links. I created a DoFollow Keyword Search using the Google Custom Search engine. It allows users to search for keywords on a huge list of DoFollow websites, which means you can easily search for juicy links directly targeting specific keywords. Check it out!

  45. Netfreez says

    Good compilation on the follow plugin, I was actually searching for something in regards to this on Google but in the end Yahoo led me to your website. Thank you, good post.

  46. says

    I am using the latest version of wordpress here at http://www.reallyreally.net/ and I think it is version 2.2.1, anyway it seems that the nofollow attribute is not implemented anymore, I could be wrong and indeed it may be something to do with the theme I am using but I don’t see any rel=nofollow tags at my blog, sorry if this has been discussed already I didn’t have time to go through all the comments.


  47. says

    @ Bree you will find it is still used in wordpress, search out your comment links in the html of the page source. You can add the dofollow plugin to get around this however.

  48. says

    This post certainly attracted a lot of links, congrats. I’m in two minds about the whole Dofollow thing, whilst it’ll be great for attracting more comments I can’t help but feel I’d spend more time weeding out spam too.


  49. says

    Hi again Andy, I’m confused. I’ve got the follow plugin, and I don’t get highlights on my comments so it does seem to be working, however in my dashboard the comments are highlighted. Can you enlighten me?
    link above

  50. says

    I haven’t checked any of the code, and I would probably just confuse myself looking at it, but I would think anything in your dashboard is displayed by different function calls to what is on your blog for comments.

    Plugins “hook” into WordPress core functions and change their output, so any changes are only reflected on the pages that are seen by readers and search engines.

  51. says

    Hi Andy,

    I love your blog and thanks for your time. i use sem pro. would the plugins you recommend work with it?

    i’m building a site where i’ll have good use of danis’s silo pages.
    as well as having some subdomain blogs. maybe eventually by a few other authors.
    i want on my sidebars the pages, related posts, latest posts, latest comments etc. and what with posts, comments and links i could end up with loads of outgoing links. however, i see sites well trafficked with dofollow on all links.
    i guess it’s a matter of becoming an authority site via content and real visitors to SEO ranking? seems to be 2 schools of thought about no/follow links whether for comments or inter-site linking?

    my homepage will be a static sellpage with nav and some sidebar links
    what’s the easiest way to optimize since i use sempro and widgets?

    worried about duplicated content. would this happen from multiple tags too?

  52. says

    hi Andy,

    love your blog and thanks for your time!

    using sempro and widgets (such a bad girl!) and will have silo pages and subdomain blogs, maybe multiple authors with the time.

    so how would you recommend best to optimize and avoid duplicated content?


  53. says

    Fantastic list of useful plugins, Andy. I’d never come across the majority of them before. Thanks! I am however very happy with semiologic’s dofollow plugin and won’t be going elsewhere. ;)


  54. says

    If the amount of comments are anything to go on then yes it does seem very popular. I am in the process of doing a blog I will surely get and install the dofollow pluging, I mean the more popular your blog is the better right?

  55. says

    Thanks for the very comprehensive list. I’ve had the nofollow removed from my blogs for ages now but I’ve just put a logo up last night to advertise the fact. I’ve written a post about it and I am linking to your post for people looking for information on how to remove it.

  56. says

    I am about to do this on celebrity site. I think the idea rocks and so long as people continue to follow the idea it will be good way to keep everyone connected in the blogging world.

  57. says

    Thanks for the list Andy. I have colleagues very confident that managing the flow of pagerank to, through and from your site is critical. They might phrase it along the lines of ‘using no-follow to hekp google understand what’s most important on your site’.

    However it seems to me that you would be putting a lot of work into customised flow systems that would be arduous to change if required by a change to google’s algorithms.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  58. says

    hello! i noticed with many advocates of the nofollow movement that their own sites have nofollow link attibutes. isn’t that funny? people who advocate something just do the opposite. i wonder if they’re jsut playing around and want other people to share with them their goog juice. but in my view, this is purely unethical. if u believe in something, then do it in line with the underlying principles. that’s why i admire u for ur dofollow link attribs here

  59. says

    I think a lot of sites are stopping dofollow because of increasing spam. I have been getting my blogs spammed since i have been allowing dofollow. Im going to give these plugins a try Andy because i haven’t used any of them yet. And if i can get comments, which means more traffic for me, without spam, then i will be really happy.

    Thanks mate

  60. says

    Well, in either case, you can still call it spam. Whether the visitor IS interested in your blog/post and comments with interest or not and just wants a link. In other words, it depends on the blog owner himself/herself whether (s)he is willing to appreciate the comments and accepting the links in exchange or just as a sign of appreciation, simple as that. If not, then by all means, removing the ‘URL’ field takes 2 seconds! Google that out. Don’t leave the URL and then judging people for spamming, most are not spamming, they post with interest and once they see the option of leaving their website URL, why not?
    I’m all for DOFOLLOW or just remove the URL field! Don’t leave it with nofollow, that’s more a trick in making some people comment without interest. So anyway, all for dofollow here,

  61. says

    Thanks, this is GREAT info!

    I came here from FiddyP’s site, to understand how to combine the removal/management of ‘nofollow’ with CommentLuv. I wanted to understand the nofollow/dofollow issues first. Between your post and all the great comments, I’ve got more ammo than needed!

    This is great! Thanks again for helping us all get through this mess. Oh, and the hand-edits for Blogger is going to help me, too! I have a blogger site related to LinkedIn and this will help give back to those that visit (i’m a firm believer in pay-it-forward).

    Thanks, Andy!

    Staff IT Right

  62. says

    Thanks for all the info. I have a new site that I have been thinking about adding a Dofollow plugin to. I am still not 100% decided as even though it hasn’t been up long I keep getting people trying to link to spam sites. If one does slip through I guess I can get into Google’s bad books!

  63. says

    Great post, I didn’t even know what effect nofollow had before reading this post. I’m implementing the link love plugin from now on as an attempt to get more comments on my posts.

  64. says

    Andy thanks for the list. I’ve use a few of the dofollow plugins you mention but the nofollow plugins were unknown by me just minutes ago. I’ve downloaded a few of the nofollow plugins – thank you

    *tried posting twice now sorry if it’s a dup.

  65. says

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the list, I’ll be sharing it with my readers.

    It’s refreshing to see someone with such a successful blog who is still cool about the whole dofollow idea.

    Thanks again!

  66. says

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the Lucia’s Linky Love Plugin. One of the challenges that I have with Do Follow is monitoring and managing comment spam. I’ll test it out and see how it works.


  67. says

    The more I get into the nofollow tag, the more I realize it’s importance to search engines. It is used to make the search engine results page more relevant for keyword searches. Irrelevant content on a page is really a waste of time to users. I like the DoFollow idea because I am an SEO. I feel that commentors who take a genuine interest in what the blog is about should be rewarded with a DoFollow backlink.

    Let’s all commit to making comments that are relevant to the blog!

  68. says

    Adding dofollow can bring traffic to your blog Fast. But I’m wondering, do you think the traffic you get is worth more than the penalty you may receive from Google. I guess the question is, is it true that Google penalizes dofollow blogs?

  69. says


    Just found this post when researching no follow!

    Thanks for this list, very useful! I am currently in the process of writing my first posts for a new blog for my company and now realise I should be putting some serious consideration into the benefits and drawbacks of no following comments!

    Will definitely check these out and see how they work for me.

    Thanks again!

  70. says

    Thanks for a great post. We just installed WordPress and are trying to figure everything out, but we want to be part of the “do-follow” movement.

    I look at no-follow like a gun control law. It mostly punishes the innocent, while the spammers will always be finding new ways to spam value-added sites.

    We hope to attract people to our blog who wish to add valuable content, and we will gladly pass a link to them.


  71. says

    Just uploaded the do-follow into my blog attached to my site. Thanks for making it easy to find and install to solve a problem I think hurts good people.


  72. says

    Great movement Andy. Is there any definitive way to check whether a blog uses DoFollow or not?

    Many blgos use the DoFollow badge but actually Aaron Wall’s Firefox extension shows that the blogs are still NoFollow.

  73. says

    Thanks for this great list. How come you dofollow your comment links, but nofollow your homepage link? Your just a generous type ‘o guy?

  74. says

    This is such an important point as it really discourages people taking the time and trouble to make comments.

    While spam drives me crazy, if we want comments (and I do) we have to be able to answer the “what’s in it for me” question that people ask.

  75. says

    NoNoFollow is a great idea as it helps new people find your blog just as I have found this one.

    The trouble is, if you don’t moderate your comments, spam can become a big problem.

  76. says

    I didn’t see any mention of KeywordLuv in this post. I have been using that plug-in on our real estate blog and it seems to be working very nicely. Does anyone have any feedback on KeywordLuv? The commenting set up on this blog is really awesome and maybe it’s worth changing over to. :)

    Great post with some great resources.

    • says

      This isn’t a list of all the possible ways to reward your commenters, it is purely nofollow / dofollow

      A number of new plugins have been released, I should probably do an update and add in the ones that move the bar significantly, though more important are more articles about the SEO effects.

  77. says

    Just as a suggestion Andy… Might be nice to have a resource page with the list of plugins, ping list, etc. If you have one sorry I missed it.


  78. says

    Thanks for the list.

    I firmly believe that having do-follow on your blog is a great way to give a little back to the people who take time to read and comment on your blog.

  79. says

    Thank you for the list. Have been using LinklUv and it rocks!! No no follow or do follow is a great way to build a community but you still have to monitor your comments for spam.

  80. says

    Cool, I liked it. I liked the idea of the Wikipedia plugin. You have tons of comments in your blog, don’t you think it will decrease the value of other links in search engines when you have dofollowed comment links?

  81. says

    Well it’s taken me a long time to get around to it but I finally installed Lucia’s plugin. I saw this post a long time ago so I knew this was the place to find the best one.



  82. says

    Thanks so much for this list Andy. Lucia’s Linky Love Plugin appears to the the ultimate answer for me.

    I was so fed up with spending 1 to 2 hours a day policing comments from human spammers leaving valid comments and pingback spamming that I was ready to give up on the DoFollow policy entirely.

    Like many others, my time is spread very thin. This plugin will enable me to have more time to reply to commenters rather than wasting it on the spammers who don’t deserve the time.

  83. Ram says

    Andy, can you please update your post? Which ones are still up to date? Your site is linked to from the official wordpress support site, so I suppose you get a good amount of traffic for that and it would help quiet a lot of people.
    Which plugin are you currently using yourself to have dofollow comments?

  84. says

    Ram they are up to date in as much as before I switched to Disqus comments, I was using the original Dofollow plugin, and of the others I know plenty use Lucia's Linky Love.

    I have seen more plugins launched since this list was written, but the overall recommendations remain the same.

    There are a few more specialist SEO plugins, but I prefer to highlight those in SEO posts, when I have time.

    The link from the official WordPress site is in some ways inconsequential for traffic – I am often regarded as one of the instigators/cheerleaders of the dofollow or ifollow movement, and thus the traffic/rankings from links generated far outweight a single link from WordPress.

    The Bumpzee community died, possibly a good thing as it was abused.

    My links are currently nofollow because I still need to hack the Disqus plugin

  85. says

    Hi Andy,

    Iyust anted to download your plugin “Nofollow Those Dupes” but the link to .zi is not working. Is it still available und usable in WP?

  86. says

    Recently moved servers to fix some problems, but the plugin needs to be updated to no longer use Nofollow, otherwise it doesn't really give a benefit now.

  87. says

    Yeah, major problems with Disqus currently and I have been telling them about it for weeks, and uploaded a full export file to them as a support ticket last weekend… today is Thursday

    For dofollow plugins I would test this version from Shaun recently hacked from Lucia's Linky Love

    Love your Nginx training stuff, but be careful using Vimeo – not for commercial use


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    Atrybut rel=”nofollow” zostaÅ‚ ponad trzy lata temu okrzykniÄ™ty…

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