Sphinn Support – Antisocial (SEO Friendly Sociable) WordPress Plugin

I have just added support for Sphinn to my hacked version of the popular Sociable plugin.

For those unfamiliar with Antisocial, these are the differences

  • All links have nofollow added – this might sound strange coming from someone who strongly supports the removal of nofollow from comments, but there is no logical purpose having a followable link to a social bookmark site that just points to a submission form
  • TwitThis Support – for those that like Tweeting
  • StumbleUpon Fix – The original has a bug in the StumbleUpon link
  • New support for Sphinn – lots of people are going to use it, so I am sure it is a welcome addition

I am aware that Eyefall previously posted a modified version of the original to include Sphinn, but it doesn’t include the other necessary changes, and who really wants to use a plugin that sucks for SEO, especially the primary users of Sphinn, most likely SEOs.

Another valuable note, very few people will actually take action and use patched files, or even files presented as phps which you have to copy and paste.
If you don’t distribute plugins in an idiot proof zip file, very few people will use it.

I learnt this from experience by offering initially instructions on how to patch Sociable, and how many of my readers didn’t take action.

If you are still unsure about why you might want to use my version of Sociable, you might appreciate this “blast from the past” about how many blogs can retain as much as 50% more link juice internally.

For more information on the plugin itself, please visit the main download page.

For those that know all about it, here is a quick download link for Antisocial

Note: As always, no version number change though I have updated the notes within it – I still look on this as not being a branch of the original, just a hack for SEO minded individuals.
It still contains the sociable bug with WordPress 2.2.1 as I recently mentioned

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  1. Matt Mcfalling says

    Hey Andy,

    Great information! I always enjoy checking out your blogs, and find so much worth in reading your blog regularly!

    Thanks again,

    Matt Mcfalling

  2. says

    But when you leave a comment you are linking through to James Brausch, who is a marketer of exceptional talent I respect even though we disagree on certain things.

    I have deleted your link from the sig, but just to show this isn’t a slight on James, but maybe his hired staff, here is a link for free.


    My comment policy clearly states that you are meant to link through to a blog that tells me something about you, but you were trying to link through to James.

    If I do a search in Google for your name, it doesn’t appear.

    Now either James has hired the wrong “outsourced talent”, or you are trying to tarnish the reputation of a reputable guy.

  3. says


    I wasn’t even aware that sphinn and sumbleupon widgets needed modification. I’ll try them out.

    On a completely unrelated topic, I am looking for viral marketing experts to add content to an e-book that I am drafting to help bloggers promote themselves and exand their reach. Would you be able to be a contributing author?

    Barrett Niehus

  4. says

    Andy – good work; we weren’t aware of Anti-Social (our bad) or we would have recommended this in the first place rather than adding Sphinn to Social.

    I’ll add an amend to our Social post pointing people over here.


    Altogether (previously known as eyefall)

  5. says

    Well, I just wasted 20 minutes doing this (wrong I might add!) and it still isn’t as good as yours so I think I shall download it now.

    Cheers Andy!


  6. says

    Andy, great bit of work on cleaning up this plugin for SEO.

    I did note that it was still missing a ‘post to Facebook’ link, but fortunately that’s very easily fixed. =)