Tech Blogging Triple Rainbow


I just had to share this achievement by Mike Masnick as he might not see it himself.

The Techmeme page updates extrememly frequently pulling in stories algorithmically with some additional human curation but I have never seen one writer with a lead story and 2 additional reference posts without any additional “noise”, unless you count the larger child branch below. He has one post in that child branch as well.

WordPress SEO – Deep Link Engine Spam

Deep Link Engine

The Deep Link Engine WordPress plugin was released back in March as part of the launch for a product “Auto Content Cash” by Brian G Johnson, Jared Croslow and Alex Goad.

Top 32 33 Forms of Linking Payola

Special Update: Google Edition

What motivates people to link to other people? Listed are some of the reasons people might have for linking to you, and I am sure, some of the reasons you might link to other people.

WTF are rel=”dofollow” & rel=”noindex”

For some reason this keeps cropping up, and I thought I would write a small informative guide.

I know one major web 2.0 property that recently added rel=”dofollow” to links, and there is a massive site doing 40M+ visitors a month which last time I looked was using rel=”noindex”.